Sunday, September 13, 2009

Authority Resell Mastery Affiliate Tools

I have downloaded a number of internet marketing e-books in the past. I can say most of them are meaningless books that are jam-packed with fluff and that they are overpriced. What makes me lost hope in internet marketing was the fact that most of the so-called gurus are merely rephrasing and repackaging basic content and techniques which I can easily search online for free. I mean, come on!

I was seriously tired of buying and reading junk articles which I had paid a large sum for until I stumbled across Authority Resell Mastery by Alvin and Joel.

Authority Resell Mastery

I have to admit that the first thing which I looked for when I stumbled upon the website was the price. In fact, I did that to everyone product page which I encounter as I like to cut the chase short by knowing how is it selling for. I believe it is just a form of defensive mechanism which I have developed in order to avoid the marketing gimmicks and tricks by skillful copyrighters as I do have my experience in internet marketing before.

What hits me next was utterly shocking. The whole package costs a measly $9.97 only! I was very skeptical as I believe that you get what you paid for. It is too cheap to be a quality product in my first thoughts. I kept asking myself how anyone can even bother to price the product as such a low price and expect people to believe that it is value for money. Well, in the end, I decided to give it a short in reading the sales letter.

First of all, the manuals are written by Alvin Huang and Joel Chue. I have heard of Alvin Huang as one of the most successful internet entrepreneurs in Singapore. He was featured on a number of major local newspapers and his clients consisted of big names such as Visitors Singapore and Fine Grain Property. Well, in short he is the real deal. He and his partner, Joel Chue, have shown impressive joint venture deals with some of the big guns in the internet marketing world. One can never doubt their credentials and achievements.

For that reason alone, I decided to give the Authority Resell Mastery a try as I was also covered by their 60-day money back guarantee. In fact, I have noting to lose as I can get a refund back.

Authority Resell Mastery

Once I have downloaded the three e-books plus their bonus, I was impressed by the amount of content in the e-books. It is really jam-packed with lots of information regarding the nuts and bolts of building an online empire using e-products with resell rights. The three books are structured differently and that it is progressive. What I really like is that it is easy for beginners to understand and follow.

Besides that, e-books contained a lot of valuable and most importantly practical information on how to first find an excellent niche market that has a highly profitable potential and how to find quality e-products that has resell rights or create your own e-books. The authors also explain the possible ways for you to repackage the e-books as well as creating your own physical products. They even go to the extent of showing how to deliver your physical products by automatic, hands-free! That is a valuable piece of information that is rarely available in most other internet marketing e-books.

What I love most about the whole package is the traffic-generating techniques which are extensively covered in book 3. They covered the various ways to market your website and product in order to drive truck loads of traffic to your website within a few hours. They even showed how their sneaky video marketing tactics enable them to consistently position themselves in the first page of the Google search page.

In short, I strongly recommend that any serious internet marketers get a hold on their ground-breaking e-books fast before your competitors do. I can safely say that $9.97 for such high quality e-books is a ridiculously low price for everybody to take advantage of immediately.

Authority Resell Mastery

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